NRNA ICC President's speech in the Oceania Regional Meet

Event Date: 07 Mar 2015 | Source: NRNA

Sir Edmond Hillary would have so much appreciated and delighted how our community has grown over the last 15-20 years surely our growth and progress around the world has been beyond anybody's imagination. Many of us became Australians, New Zealanders and citizens of many other countries, indeed I have seen they are very good citizens of adopted countries. Many of us in millions work in the Gulf, Malaysia and other countries and are contributors of more than 30pc of Nepal's GDP Many of us are professionals, engineers, doctors, scientists and business entrepreneurs providing positive contributions in the local communities and countries where they live and proudly call their second homes.
Yet we have our deep feelings towards motherland and our birth country Nepal. Over the many years as we become capable in many ways giving and supporting communities in Nepal and in this process, this organization known as "Non-Resident Nepali Association" was set up in 2003 to consort our Diaspora efforts helping each other and helping communities in Nepal for the socio-economic development of Nepal. As a president of this organization, I have travelled far and wide around the globe and seen enthusiastic Nepali individuals and community organizations getting involved in this network and has expanded thus far to some 70 countries and with its headquartered in Kathmandu. Amongst many things such as protecting the rights of a workers in the Middle East, assisting a professor who wants to transfer knowledge earned by him or her to Nepal, assisting in a philanthropist through social works in Nepal, assisting a Business man who wants to invest in Nepal, we advocate and support and lobby for them not only with the GON but concertedly with international agencies and embassies, consulates and the United Nations via building trust for an impactable outcome and sustainable works.
I am pleased here we are in NZ opening a very important meeting of our region. I have seen and known that Nepali community in NZ are very capable and willing contributors within our network. I am confident our few days of staying in NZ will boost the morale of our local colleagues and more importantly learn from each other.  NZ is a special country for Nepal and Nepali community largely due to late sir EH and continual support of Nepal by his foundation many of his fellow mountaineers, NZ agencies, communities and the government which is well demonstrated by such high level representation despite being on the weekend. I thank you Honorable minister sir Ray and his Excellency Ambassador of Nepal for Australia and NZ coming all the way from Canberra and many friends from Australia for boosting NZ tourism amongst other things. Let me conclude with a great hope of a productive and memorable Auckland weekend meeting
Thank you