Financial Report II( Shrawan - Jestha)
1 Summary Sheet of NRNA with Mega Project and Covid [Download Pdf]
2 Balance Sheet, Income and Exp and Fundwise Balance [Download Pdf]
3 Details of income and expenses reports of Laprak Model Settlement Village Project [Download Pdf]
4 Detailed report of NRNA Building [Download Pdf]
5 Detailed report of Shankhamul Garden Project [Download Pdf]
6 Detailed report of NRNA Bank Balance [Download Pdf]
7 Detailed report of Covid 19 Relief (Emergency) Fund [Download Pdf]
8 Budget for 2077.78 [Download Pdf]
9 NCC Reports  
  i) NCC Australia Financial Report [Download Pdf]
  ii)NCC Bahrain Financial Report [Download Pdf]
  iii) NCC Japan Financial Report [Download Pdf]
  iv) NCC Macau Financial Report [Download Pdf]
  iv) NCC USA Financial Report [Download Pdf]
  v) NCC Norway [Download Pdf]