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Nepal is a beautiful country. It has huge potential to attract large numbers of tourist. By promoting its beautiful Scenery, Mt. Everest, Lumbini, culture, heritage etc. are only the way to attract more tourist in Nepal.

Tourism is the largest industry for source of foreign exchange and revenue and second largest industry by the employment of people. ​According to its annual Economic Impact Research report for 2017, tourism accounts for 7.5 percent of Nepal's GDP and ​supported more than 427,000 jobs in 2016. Nepal’s travel and tourism sector pumped Rs 177 billion into the economy. The total contribution of tourism to employment, including wider effects from investment, the supply chain and induced income impacts, was 945,000 jobs in 2016.

One of the missions of NRNA is to promote tourism and preserve Nepali culture and heritage globally. NRNA included Tourism in main motto of 11th NRNA European Regional meeting which was held on Luxembourg on 29 and 30th of July 2018.

NRNA Tourism Promotion of Nepal (TPN) Sub Committee was responsible for accomplishing the Tourism promotion program in 11th ERM. Tourism promotion committee decided to have discussion session and also launch global “Video challenge competition” in association with Nepal tourism Board (NTB).

NRNA organized a Press Meet to announce the Video Challenge Competition: Nepal Promotion on June 20, 2018 at NRNA Secretariat. Mr. Som Nath Sapkota, NRNA Joint Secretary and Convener of TPN informed that NRNA is organizing this competition to promote Nepal through digital medium and support to government visit Nepal 2020 announcement. The competition will call for submission of short videos which depicts Culture, Rituals, Sceneries, Cuisine, Hidden Trekking Trails, Music, Festivals, Religion, Arts, Architecture, and Heritage of Nepal. The competition will start on 20 June 2018 and open till 19 July 2018.

The top 10 Videos will be selected in the competition which will be shortlisted by the panel of Experts and Jury. The winner will be selected by the voting system during the 11th NRNA European Regional Meeting to be held on July 28-29, 2018 in Luxembourg. The participants of the meeting will be allowed to vote the best videos and the best scorer will be announced as the winner. The Winner of the competition will receive a Cash Prize of Rs. 1 Lakh, the First Runner-Up will receive Rs. 75 Thousand and the Second Runner-up will get Rs.50 Thousand. In addition to the cash prize, various travel and tour packages will be awarded to the winners.

This competition is being launched in association with Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Hotel Association of Nepal(HAN), Turkish Airways, Karnaali Ecommerce and various other institutions.


Tourism is the largest industry for source of foreign exchange and revenue and second largest industry by the employment of people.

NRNA treasurer

Som Sapkota

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